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Natalie Washington-Weik, PhD is the Executive Editor of Gazing In Publishing, LLC.  She supervises the acquisition, publishing, and circulation of our book projects.  She enjoys coordinating our many talented people.  Dr. Washington-Weik came to Gazing In Publishing in 2011 because she saw the unique and dire need in the marketplace for trade books that positively depict African-related ideas.  She has made of career of encouraging a general awareness that: Africa is great! 


Prior to taking this position, Dr. Washington-Weik was a professor.  She taught over a thousand students African, African-American, and Medical Histories.  Past employers include: University of South Carolina, Benedict College, and Midlands Technical College. 


Dr. Washington-Weik has a PhD and an MA in African History, from the University of Texas at Austin (UT, 2009), and the University of Florida (UF, 2002) respectively.  She has a BA in Legal Communications from Howard University (HU, 1997, minor African-American Studies).    


Dr. Natalie Washington-Weik lives in Columbia, SC and is a native of Philadelphia, PA.  She is also is a consultant.  You may contact her here.


Author and Illustrators


Dr. Winmiláwẹ̀ is a bestselling author, PhD in African History, healer, and longtime Yorùbá-Orisa Ọ̀ṣun priestess (an Ìyálòrìṣà).  See her website:


Sadiq Olajide is an illustrator, musician, and dance artist.  He is Yorùbá, and lives in Ọ̀ṣun’s city of Òṣogbo, Nigeria.  Click here to contact him.


Virgo Evans is an illustrator, visual artist, clothing designer, teacher, wife, and Yorùbá-Orisa initiate of Ọbàtálá.  Click here to contact her.  


Tewodross Melchishua is a professor at Bowie State University in Maryland, visual artist, award winning animator, filmmaker, designer, curator and creative consultant.  See his website:  



We appreciate all of the external editors, image makers, designers, printers, and other publishing professionals we work with.