Gazing In Publishing, LLC





Gazing In Publishing, LLC is a small company located in Columbia, S.C.   We were established in 2011.  So, you see, it's our 11th anniversary!   


Get our new book Oshun's Flow--it was a "#1 New Release" on!  Plus, be sure to complete your collection with: Shango's Son, and Obatala's Daughter Discovers True Friends.  People in your school, library, home, business, and/or non-profit organization will love them. 


We concentrate on publishing books that are inspired from Africa, the Diaspora, children, ancient traditions, nature, and health.  We are proud publishers of two #1 bestselling books, and we're distributed in school districts throughout U.S.



*Gazing In Publishing is a (minority) black/African-American, and female owned business.